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Best Xena wallpaper Contest 2008

I giurati che hanno votato:

Xandrella, Darkamy, Sietta, Bard and Warrior, Dangerous Prey.

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From November 15th 2007 to December 31th 2007, it will be possible to participate to the wallpaper Contest, by sending one wallpaper for person (who is participating), at the website:

How to send the Video:

The file must be zipped and must be sent to, and till the contest results get shown (on Genuary 06th 2008), you can’t publish it to another website, or you are going to be eliminated from the contest.

If the contestant has any difficulties to send the file by e-mail, you can contact by MSN Messenger the address to send the file.

The Wallpaper should have the following charachteristics:

1) Files should be .jpeg, .jpg, .gif.
2) Maximum 12MB;
3) The video should contain scenes from “Xena: The Warrior Princess” and/or “Hercules : The Legenadary Journeys”. Eventually, you can put other scenes from other shows, but they have to be from Xena or Hercules Cast and charachters. The use of different subjects will determine the authomatic exclusion from the contest;
4) Wallpapers already shown on other websites cannot participate;
5) You can put every kind of graphic effects and visual images, included still images, text, screencaptures.
6)The file must have your nickname, and the title of the artwork. Example: videogamenickname.jpg;
7) Participating at the contest means you give your permission to have your video posted on .

The Jury:

To vote the winner of the video contest a jury of fans is been established, they will watch the wallpapers and the will assign a vote from 1 to 10.
The average of the obatained votes will determine the final score. The winner will be only one and will be the one with the maximum of votes. If two or more contestants have the same votes, the jury will do another votation only amongst these ones to announce the winner.
On January 6th the entire list of the contestants will be published, with all the positions achieved.

Reasons for Contest Elimination

1) Including images that are against the moral, offensive, or obscene;
2) Violation of the privacy law 675/1996;
3) Wallpapers theft from others, or images taken form other’s videos;
4) Violations of the rules above (read the rules);
5) Exclusion from the contest is at discretion of the Jury.


Xena+Gabrielle di CristinaCreek
Lifes di Sara
Friend in need di Fenix
Xena e Gabrielle di Mary
Mandhi di Willow
Thoughts before the sunset di PetalsOfMDP
Life of warriors di Medea


For Informations and Clarifications please contact me at

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