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"Gli amici di Xena"

Xandrella intervista Cindy (webmistress di ForevaXena)

(si ringrazia Scanto per le traduzioni)


Hi Cindy, welcome to from me and Darkamy. Your site, ForevaXena, is known as the most "maintext" of the web.

Thanks, it was an honor to be invited for this interview! I'm glad that my goal for ForevaXena was accomplished. It was always my intention to put the show's "subtext" into the spotlight.

1. Tell us something about you: how did you know Xena and how is ForevaXena born?

My partner was actually watching the show before me. For some reason I had gotten it into my head that it was a kids show...was I EVER wrong. The first episode I can recall watching was "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Needless to say, Xena wasn't the only one "bitten" by that show!

ForevaXena was actually born from an assignment in one of my computer classes. Though I was already a professional site designer, our instructor wanted everyone to create a small site that they could share with the class. He didn't want me to use something I'd already done, and he wanted everyone to host their site with a free service, like Tripod. That's when I decided that a "hobby" site was in order.

I have to preface this by saying that at that time I was completely in awe of sites like MaryD's AUSXIP and Tom's Xena Page. There was no way I could see the necessity for another Xena site. Those sites were already giving the show fabulous coverage and I knew how much time and effort they had to dedicate just to get that accomplished. I really didn't think there was anything more I could contribute at that point.

Once I decided to create my Xena site for the class, I figured I could center it on the montages I had begun to create in honor of the show. That's when the seeds I'd planted started to grow exponentially. When the class was over and I really looked at the site I'd created, I began to see new possibilities. At first, I just went crazy redesigning the site itself, and then I started making a least one new montage every week, if not more.
Slowly, from my random ideas, I realized that I DID have something I could contribute to the online Xenaverse. That's when I recreated the site using the subtext as maintext formula. Here's a look at the original home page. I've kept it as a tribute to one of my favorite instructors: <>

2. What season, character and episode you like most and why?

I'm all about the 6th season. Mostly because it was when we finally got our verification that Xena and Gabrielle were a couple. Not that it wasn't obvious before the last season, it just finally became maintext on the air. I also really liked the development and growth process of the 3rd season.

Hands down, Xena is my favorite character! There is no one even close to her in my book. Given a second choice (and not one of the leads), I would have to say it's Meg. I just love her quirkiness!

There are two episodes that are my absolute favorites: "When Fates Collide" and "One Against An Army" They were all about the love in my book :O)

3. The final episode of the show (A Friend in Need) was very debated in Italy. Many disliked it. What were the reactions of the American fans about this ending and what is your opinion?

The reactions, I believe, were very much the same in the US. There are folks that absolutely love it and others that completely hate it. For me personally, I ran the gamut of emotions with that one. I truly believe I went through a real grief process. Immediately after viewing the show, I was extremely angry; I felt like a dear friend had been killed. I openly vented my frustration and hurt, much as a victim of a crime might do. It really was quite scary to have such a violent reaction to a television show, but that's just how much I had come to love this fictional character. Once I'd had a chance to calm down, I slowly began to evaluate the genius of the storyline. The show had truly come full circle and, in the end, made me realize that the past six years had really been about Gabrielle, not Xena. It was only when I reached that conclusion that I finally "got" what Lucy had said about the show at the 2001 Pasadena Con. She had commented that she didn't like it, but she loved it. The same is true for me.

4. Did you ever meet Lucy Lawless or Renee O'Connor and what of them impressed you mostly?

I've had the extreme pleasure of meeting both of these wonderfully talented ladies on a couple of occasions. What impresses me the most is their lack of pretense, their joy of life, and their amazing kindness and compassion. They really care about their fans and are incredibly approachable.

5. According to you, why "Xena: Warrior Princess" is so strongly appealing on the women audience?

I would have to say it's because of the message that it's okay to be a strong, independent woman. The fact that men are not required to make you whole or help you succeed in life, is strongly reinforced. The friendship and the love of these two women is also a drawing point. Whether gay or straight, every woman (hopefully!) has that one friend that they would give their life for, that they love dearly like a member of their family.

6. In your opinion, Xena and Gabrielle were a couple from the beginning or it is possible to identify with precision an episode where this relationship is born?

I believe the attraction was there from the beginning. It's quite evident in the looks that are shared in "Sins of the Past". For some reason, I've always been drawn to think that they really became more of an intimate couple sometime (in the off-screen hours!) between "Ulysses" and "Lost Mariner."

7. What is Gabrielle for Xena mainly: a lover, a wife or a friend? And in what order you'd put these three faces if you had to grade them?

She is all of those things and more. I'd have to say that first and foremost, she is a friend. Goodness knows with all the domestic chores she is responsible for, she might be a wife second, but I'd like to think that she's a lover, then a wife!

8. Speaking of the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle what would you like to find in the show that you didn't?

More of the romance that we could only assume was occurring off-screen. The cuddling, kissing, and touching that we could only read about in Fan Fiction.

9. What's your opinion about Ares in the show and his role in Xena's sentimental life?

I enjoyed Ares because I adored Kevin Smith's portrayal of him. That man was an absolute doll and an incredible talent. His loss was such a tragedy.

Without a doubt, Ares had fallen in love with Xena. It was evident in his behavior in the 5th and 6th seasons. Originally, it had been about lust and control, but by the end, he was hooked.

Xena was smitten by him, her love of bad boys well documented, but Gabrielle was her true love and her soulmate. I think that in the end, Xena felt regret that she couldn't be what he wanted her to be. She knew he loved her, because of his sacrifice to save Gabrielle and Eve and, in her own way, she did love the side of him that loved her. Since that love could not compare to what she had with Gabrielle, Ares' love would always go

10.How is ForevaXena organized and how many persons work for it?

Over the years, ForevaXena has had a few contributors that have offered creative ideas, episode reviews, and so forth. At one point, my friend Julia Ford was attempting to help me get the Fan Fiction posted, but for the most part, it's all been created and posted by little old me. Now that I've merged the site with MaryD and AUSXIP, I'm dividing my time between occasional updates on ForevaXena and handling the Artwork section on "The Australian Xena Information Page."

Thanks for your willingness. See you soon!

No, thank you! I've really enjoyed this :O)


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