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"Gli amici di Xena"

Xandrella intervista Charis (webmistress di xenarchivie)

si ringrazia Scanto per le traduzioni.


Hi Charis, welcome to from me and Darkamy. You are webmaster for

1. Tell us something about you: how did you know Xena and how your site is born?
I am an artist who has become quite obsessed with Lucy Lawless. I have had a website called "The Archives of Amphipolis" which I finally started on the winter solstice of 1998 (December 21). I knew I wanted to create a site about my love of Lucy, and Xena of course, almost as soon as I started watching. It was only a matter of figuring out what kind of site to make. I had been watching Xena since she was Hercules nemesis in the episode "The Warrior Princess" in 1995. I started doing Xena/Lucy Lawless art as soon as I had a computer to do it on. So, I decided to gather it all up, and create a site with my art on it. Thus, "The Archives" were born. It has been my passion ever since. As has Lucy.

2. What character, season and episode you like most and why?
I guess it is pretty clear that my favourite character is Xena, in ALL her incarnations. I love her good, bad and ugly. I would be lying if I said that my original attraction to her was not a physical thing. A lot of people say that they were attracted to the relationship, or stories, well, I was attracted to Lucy. If she had not been a part of it, I would never have watched. I very quickly came to admire the relationship and the story lines, but my heart already belonged to Lucy, and her portrayal of the Warrior Princess. Her beauty, strength and complexity was amazing to me. I also admired her sincere desire to repent for her horrible, evil past. Her growth as a human being, woman, and friend took great courage, and inner strength on Xena's part, considering her, wicked past reputation. It is something I came to admire greatly in Xena. She made mistakes, maybe a lot of them, but it showed that she was a VERY human warrior, and added to the characters

Choosing a favourite season is very difficult. There are things about all the seasons I loved, but I would have to say, my all-around favourite season would have to be the sixth and final season. To say why, well, it simply contains so many of my favourite episodes that it has to be my favourite season. I am not as, deep as some Xenites when it comes to their analysing of the series. Most people talk about the deep loving relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, and that is a beautiful story, but I really watched Xena for its beautiful characters (Xena & Gabrielle), and the incredibly well done, and executed fight scenes. Season six had all that for me. I recall that every single thing that I wanted to see Xena doing, happened in that season. I won't go into all that, but suffice it to say, I was very satisfied after EVERY episode of that season. Just an incredible season!

Now my favourite episode, if I had to choose just one, would have to be "Heart of Darkness" from season six. Again, not for some deep, meaningful reason, but because it was simply the most erotic, sexy episode they did, as far as I am concerned. It showed me a side of Xena that I really wanted to see more of. I LOVE her dark side. The dark, evil Xena is so appealing to me. There is not one thing about this episode I do not like. The dance between Xena and Gabrielle is so erotic. Still to this day, that episode still gets my blood pressure up when I watch it.

3. The final episode of the show (A Friend in Need) was very debated in Italy. Many disliked it. What were the reactions of the American fans about this ending and what is your opinion?
I would say, when it first aired that most people were outraged that Xena died, and Gabrielle did not. I can not say for sure, but that is the feeling I got. I know people that to this day, will not watch it. I am not one of those people. I personally LOVED the episode, front to back. A lot of people think that is should have ended differently, and less violently. I think that if the writer (Rob Tapert) wanted it to end that way, it should
have ended that way. He had a plan for Xena and Gabrielle, and if that was the plan, then, I am very willing to go along with it as written. Many people said it was too violent (Xena being beheaded) but, I think it was an incredible, poignant way for her to die. It made for a visually wonderful ending to the series. I admire Rob for having the guts to do what he wanted, knowing that most of the fans would be upset.

4. Did you ever meet Lucy Lawless or Renee O'Connor and what of them impressed you mostly?
I had the pleasure of meeting them both at the 2005 Xena convention in Burbank California. I meet Renee' very briefly, and found her to be very cordial, and kind, a beautiful sprit indeed. MY real reason for being there was all to do with Lucy. In more ways then one. ;) I had the privilege of spending over an hour with her, and it was the greatest day of my life without question. Her SINCERE, and overwhelming CONCERN for me was unbelievable! She was so kind in every way. In ways that I can not even go into here. I have NEVER met someone who cared so much about her fans as Lucy Lawless dose. She was so kind as to without me even asking or hinting towards it, took my autograph book around the room, and got as many autographs for me she could. You must remember, it was not as if I was unable to move, she just took it from me, and started doing this. She has done more things for me then anyone, even she, will ever know. She does not know this, but she brought out in me my true self, and I can never thank her enough for this blessing. For the rest of my life I will have her to thank for making me ho I am today as a lesbian, and a woman. You see, before her, I did not know this about myself. She made me see this, and I am FOREVER in her debt. But you know what, I think deep down, she knows this. <wink>

5. According to you, why "Xena: Warrior Princess" is so strongly appealing on the women audience?
I suppose it has a very empowering message to it. That can be very appealing to a group who up till that time, had very few female characters to look up to. Xena filled that nitch perfectly. Also, one can not deny the strong female relationship between our Xena and Gabrielle. Those kind of relationships on television simply did not exist before Xena.

6. In your opinion, Xena and Gabrielle were a couple from the beginning or it is possible to identify with precision an episode where this relationship is born?
I feel that Xena and Gabs were not a "couple" until mid first season. I believe they were soulmates from the beginning. They had an instant connection, even if Xena could not see it at first. Gabrielle could, and that was enough to get it started. Two souls bound for eternity from the first glance.

7. What is Gabrielle for Xena mainly: a lover, a wife or a friend? And in what order you'd put these three faces if you had to grade them?
That is so very hard to say. I suppose, she was her friend above and beyond it all. BUT, I do believe that she was all three in the end, and made an incredible lover, and wife to her as well. I would like to put LOVER first, but, in good conscious, I would have to put them in that order...Friend, Lover and then Wife. I also believe that they came about in that order as well. She was her friend first, then quickly she became her lover, then at Xena's death she was her devoted wife. A beautiful, fulfilling relationship that "saved" Xena even if her physical body died. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

8. Speaking of the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle what would you
like to find in the show that you didn't?
Well, since you asked <grin> I admit, I would have liked to seen a REAL love scene between our beloved gurls. I have to say,. that is about the only thing between them that I believe was not done. It was such a deep, complex relationship that was covered very well.

9. What's your opinion about Ares in the show and his role in Xena's sentimental life?
In the beginning he was simply a foe. A character brought in to make things hard for our Warrior Princess to turn from her evil ways. Then we find out they have a history, a rather convoluted history. I truly believe that Ares LOVED Xena. I also believe that Xena had a kind of love for him as well. It was a love that she knew was "not good for (her)". Ares desire for a child with her I also think was a sincere. I felt rather sorry for him in the end,
and almost wished that Xena had given him a child.

10. For me, Xena's and Gabrielle's various "flings" for men, especially in the earlier seasons, were put in the stories to "reassure" the audience more orthodox about the sexual preferences of the two women, when some episode like "The Quest" or "One Against An Army" disturbed their conscience. What do you think about it?
I personally do not believe it was that calculated by the writers. I think that in the beginning, the writers and creators had NO IDEA that the series was going to receive such a HUGE lesbian following. Xena was one of the first shows to actually pay attention to its fan base, a revolution indeed. I think that when it found that the fans were not happy with ANY of the MALE companions for our gurls, they finally realised that we wanted to see the gurls themselves get together instead of them getting boyfriends. I actually think it was Lucy who kinda started all the "subtext" with her actions in "Altared States". At a certain pointe, men were only used to get what they (Xena and Gabrielle) wanted. Basically, they were being used. I do admit, that I think Xena had a love for Borius (Solans father), and if he had not been killed, they may have made a go of it., BUT, I still think that she was MEANT to be with Gabrielle. To me the death of Borius was meant to be, so that Xena could go on to meet Gabrielle in her future.

Thank you very much for your willingness.

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